• 偕同專業投資機構投資全球五大資產配置暨投資管理

  • 家族財富風險評估暨保險規劃

  • 稅務規劃及諮詢

  • 家族及慈善信託規劃

  • 投資金錢信託

504 Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

  • Five Diversified Assets Allocation and Investment Management Worldwide that Supported by Professional Institutions

  • Risk Assessment and Insurance Planning

  • Tax Planning and Consulting

  • Philanthropic and Trust Planning

  • Money Trust


  • 企業私募與上市

  • 企業股權移轉規劃與設計

  • 境外控股公司架構之設計與設立

  • 投資項目融資諮詢

  • 企業家族私募基金(SPC)設立與投資顧問諮詢

Consulting for Business Owners

  • Corporate Private Placement and IPO

  • Corporate Equity Transference Planning and Structure Design

  • Establishment of Offshore Holding Company

  • Project Financing

  • Establishment of Segregated Portfolio Company and Investment Consulting


  • 全方位之稅務諮詢(遺產稅、贈與稅…等)

  • 台商稅務諮詢

  • 高資產、高所得節稅規劃

  • IPO大股東之節稅規劃

  • 海外所得節稅規劃

Tax Planning and Consulting

  • The Comprehensive Tax Advisory

  • Tax Advisory for Taiwanese Businessmen in China

  • Tax Planning for High Asset and High Income

  • Tax-shelter for Major Shareholders

  • Tax Saving for Overseas Income


  • 全球精品、古董採購

  • 頂級旅遊安排

  • 頂級醫美健檢安排

  • 豪宅仲介服務

  • 貴族學校/留學代辦服務

  • 移民服務及後續生活安排

Top-living Services

  • Luxury Goods and Antique Procurements

  • Top Tour Arrangement

  • Top Medical Beauty and Health Examination Arrangement

  • Luxury Realty Brokerage Service

  • Elite School / Boarding School Arrangement Service

  • Immigration Service and Living Arrangement


  • 以WIT平台偕同專業投資機構,協助客戶進行全球五大資產配置暨投資組合管理

  • 評估客戶風險屬性和財務目標

  • 針對風險屬性和財務目標,提出最適當的資產配置和投資組合

  • 投資組合整體績效追蹤、警示和調整

Wealth Creation

  • Help client in global assets allocation and investment portfolio set-up, supported by professional investment houses and our smart WIT platform.

  • Find Out Client’s Financial Objective and Risk Preference

  • Propose the Most Optimal Assets Allocation and Investment Portfolio

  • Track Overall Investment Performance by Monitoring Major Market Indicators Alert and Fine Turning Investment Portfolio


  • 保持財富現金流流量的穩定

  • 維持資產固定收益的確定

  • 讓現金流不受大盤與景氣的更跌而浮動

  • 保持安全存量現金的最適狀態

  • 讓一生都有源源不絕的現金可以顧老

Your cash flow is the money you have coming in from revenue or interest and going out for expenses and fees. Good cash flow management will ensure you always have money available for paying your expenses when they are due.


We also construct your fixed-income portfolios that balance the need for income with the pricing of risks. We will make strategy and sector allocation to set up the role of fixed income in the total portfolio.



  • 家族及慈善信託規劃

  • 家族財富全球整併與信託傳承

  • 家族財富信託投資管理

  • 家族財富信託受益分配

  • 家族財富信託節稅

  • 家族財富信託慈善規劃

Wealth Inheritance

  • Philanthropic and Trust Planning

  • Family Wealth Combination and Trusts

  • Family Wealth Trust and Investment Management

  • Family Wealth Trust and Distribution

  • Family Wealth Trust and Tax Saving

  • Family Wealth Trust and Philanthropic Planning


  • 家族財富風險評估暨保險規劃

  • 終身保險分析與規劃

  • 多重資產與意外保險規劃

  • 貴重物品保險規劃

Wealth Protection

  • Risk Assessment and Insurance Planning

  • Full Life Analysis and Coverage

  • Multi-Dwelling Property and Casualty Insurance

  • Valuable Collections Coverage


  • 回饋社會與關懷弱勢:家族慈善基金會與公益信託設立

Charitable giving may be a specific goal in an individual’s or a family’s overall Wealth Management objectives. There are several ways to structure a gift, careful analysis must be given to the type of property gifted, what charities will benefit from the receipt of the gift.

    • Outright Bequests

    • Donor-Advised Funds

    • Community Foundations

    • Charitable Trusts

    • Private Foundations

  • 享受財富與人生的快樂:六大生活顧問服務

    • 私人訂製旅遊 Top Tour Arrangement

    • 頂級醫美健檢安排 Top Medical Beauty and Health Examination Arrangement

    • 全球精品、古董採購 Luxury Goods and Antique Procurements

    • 豪宅仲介服務 Luxury Realty Brokerage Service

    • 貴族學校/留學代辦服務 Elite School / Boarding School Arrangement Service

    • 移民服務及後續生活安排 Immigration Service and Living Arrangement

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